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Toddler In Back Seat Kills Driver Toddler In Back Seat Kills Driver After Boyfriend Left Gun Behind After Work

A toddler in the back seat kills the driver of a car when he got his hands on a gun. The mother, who was the driver, was killed instantly from the back seat after the two-year-old toddler accidentally fired a […]

Toddler Sentenced To Life Toddler Sentenced To Life: Family Relieved Over Mistaken Identity Of Toddler After Going Into Hiding

A toddler was sentenced to life in Egyptian, but now the 3-year-old and his family are relieved. Officials say the toddler nor his father will be arrested for a crime after nearly 18 months on the run, according to Atlanta […]

Philadelphia Toddler Found Wandering Philadelphia Toddler Found Wandering In City Sent To Human Services

A Philadelphia toddler found wandering alone in Center City last night has been placed with the Department Human Service. The child’s parents, along with his 4-year-old sister, have since been located. The toddler’s parents contacted police, reporting their two-year-old son […]

Toddler Mauled By Pit Bull Dogs While Grandmother Slept

A toddler was mauled in Georgia by seven dogs her family owned while the grandmother fell asleep in the house. She eventually woke up and heard the commotion. Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith said the grandmother saw the girl being […]

Woman, 20, Toddler: Doctors Testing Genome To Find Answers

Brooke Greenberg is a woman who is 20 year old, despite looking like a toddler, with an estimated mental age of nine months to one year. Doctors say she has a condition called Syndrome X, but they are sequencing her […]

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