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Erin Andrews Trial Erin Andrews Trial Reveals Ugliness In Marriott Hotel Room Video Footage By Stalker

The Erin Andrews trial in a courtroom in Nashville, Tennessee, has become a maelstrom of ugliness and embarrassment. At the heart of the trial is a nude tape of the journalist and sportscaster, filmed by a stalker without her knowledge […]

New Arias Trial Delay: Arias Attorneys Gather Witnesses

The new Jodi Arias trial may have a delay of one year as her attorneys need more time to gather witnesses. Arias was found guilty of the first degree murder of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. Arias killed Alexander on June 4, […]

Beate Zschaepe Trial For Nazi Murders In Germany

Beate Zschaepe and the four men charged in Germany’s biggest Nazi-linked trial since 1945 are on trial and will find it hard to distance themselves from the racist ideology behind the string of murders they are accused of. “Die Jew […]