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Twins With Different Fathers Twins With Different Fathers Confirmed Using University DNA Testing

A set of twins with different fathers have been confirmed by a local genetic association in Vietnam. The twins had their DNA tested after their family noticed they looked different, according to Atlanta Journal Constitution. The twins occurrence, known as […]

Ronnie Wood Ronnie Wood, Rolling Stones Guitarist, Expecting Twins With Sally Humphreys

Ronnie Wood and his third wife, Sally Humphreys, 37, are expecting twins. While his wife is only two years younger than his first child, the rocker says he can’t wait to be a father again and doesn’t think his age […]

Chely Wright Twins Born: George Samuel and Everett Joseph

Chely Wright has given birth to twins. The country star and her wife Lauren Blitzer proudly welcomed George Samuel and Everett Joseph - named after their great-grandfathers - in New York City. “We are grateful for all the amazing medical […]

Jennifer Lopez Twins Cupcakes: Baking An Entire Batch For Birthday Party

Jennifer Lopez Twins Cupcakes - Jennifer Lopez spent some time with her twins by baking cupcakes in the kitchen for their fifth birthday party, and she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty for Max and Emme Anthony. “Happy Birthday […]

Unborn Baby’s Fingernail Sends Mother Into Deadly Coma

An unborn baby’s hair or fingernail from one of her twins nearly took her life as their mother, Angela Cottam, said the item passed into her bloodstream by the newborn during birth. It’s a rare condition, which only affects one […]

World’s Oldest Twins In Great Health Despite Being 103-Years-Old

The world’s oldest identical twins, born December 24, 1909, celebrated their 103 birthday. Charlotte Eisgrou and Ann Primack of Florida are in good health, despite their age and being born premature. In fact, neither of the twins use a hearing […]