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US Seizes Iranian Weapons US Seizes Iranian Weapons In Arabian Sea Bound For Yemen To Support Insurgents

US seizes Iranian weapons that were likely bound for Houthi insurgents in Yemen captured by international naval forces operating in the waters of the Arabian Sea. It’s been the third time in recent weeks that forces have seized a shipment […]

US Fighters Iceland: Pentagon Deploys Aircraft As Part Of Operation Atlantic Resolve Involving NATO

US fighters deployed to Iceland and the Netherlands, demonstrating its commitment to a free and secure Europe as well as approximately 350 airmen. The move is as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve (OAR), the Pentagon’s demonstration of force designed to […]

US Throne Pirates Warned Of Illegal “Game of Thrones”

The US ambassador to Australia is urging his citizens to cease their illegal downloads of “Game of Thrones,” saying that they are among the world’s worst pirates of the wildly popular medieval television drama. In a post titled “Stopping the […]