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Earthquake Shakes California Earthquake Shakes California With Magnitude-5.2 Centered Near Borrego Springs

An Earthquake shakes California with a magnitude-5.2 centered in the desert near Borrego Springs in San Diego County, according to the USGS. The earthquake was initially reported with a magnitude of 5.1 before it was revised by the USGS. The […]

California Earthquake California Earthquake Near Borrego Springs With Magnitude 5.2 Amid More Aftershocks

A Southern California earthquake was reported by the United States Geological Survey Friday morning in Borrego Springs near the Anza Borrego Desert State Park at a depth of .6 miles with a magnitude of 5.2 with enough strength capable of […]

Oklahoma Earthquakes Oklahoma Earthquakes: Two Earthquakes, One Recorded As Largest In State, Hit Minutes Apart

Two Oklahoma earthquakes rocked parts of western of the state on Saturday morning. The earthquakes, one being the third-largest in recorded state history, registered a 5.1 magnitude and was recorded northwest of Fairview at 11:07 a.m., as a 3.9 aftershock […]

Mount Pavlof Sending Ash 20,000 Feet Into Sky

Mount Pavlof is currently erupting and sending ash 20,000 feet into the sky. The volcano, which became active on Monday, is part of Alaska’s Aleutian Arc and is sending gas and ash emissions into the air. “The volcano is in […]

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