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Walmart Visa Lawsuit Walmart Visa Lawsuit May Be About Various Payment Systems

Walmart and Visa are going to war over your PIN. On Tuesday, the giant retailer filed a lawsuit against Visa, complaining the financial services company won’t let it require PINs on transactions made with chip-enabled debit cards. Instead, the credit […]

Cellphones Bought Missouri Cellphones Bought Missouri: FBI Investigates 150 Mobile Phones Purchased At Various Stores

About 150 cellphones bought in Missouri at six different Walmarts has prompted an investigation by the FBI. The cellphones were bought by three men, believed to be from the Middle East, which alerted the FBI, according to The Blaze. The […]

Maine Walmarts Evacuated Maine Walmarts Evacuated Following Computer-Voice Activated Caller Threatens Bomb At Several Stores

Maine Walmarts evacuated throughout the state over the weekend after bomb threats were made at the stores. The caller’s voice is described as male, and possibly generated through a computer, according to WMUR Members of the Houlton police and fire […]

Hostess: Wal-Mart Wants Twinkies Business

Hostess has about two dozen serious bidders in the running for the now bankrupt and closed snack company, which includes Wal-Mart and Kroger Foods. If the large retailer were to buy the Twinkie company, that would most likely mean they […]

Black Friday Shoplifter Death Incident Under Walmart Probe

The death of a man known as the Black Friday Shoplifter is still a mystery after he was tackled and placed in a headlock by store employees last weekend. Police say the man walked out of the Lithonia, Georgia store […]

Walmart Shoplifter Dies In Georgia Hospital

A Walmart shoplifter that was involved in an altercation with two store employees dies at a Georgia hospital, which has prompted a complete investigation by the DeKalb County police. The man, whose identity has not been released, exited through the […]

Black Friday Deals and Retail Ads

Black Friday is much different this year as it launched its earliest start ever, with Walmart reporting 5,000 items sold every minute. Stores typically open in the wee hours of the morning on the day after Thanksgiving that’s named Black […]

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