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Woman Wins Lottery Twice Woman Wins Lottery Twice For Gina Short - Will Use Windfall For Treatment

A woman wins the lottery twice after trying her luck again at the exact right moment. In a wonderful twist of fate, Gina Short won the North Carolina Education Lottery twice in less than three months. Short said her total […]

Woman Wins $40m, Not $40k: What A Surprise

A lotto max ticket winner, who thought she won $40k, was surprised when she wins $40m. Meet Toronto resident Maria Carreiro, who sang and danced for reporters after receiving her check. “Thank you Lord, thank you Lord!” Carreiro, 51, sang […]

Venus and Serena Williams Final At Family Circle Cup

Serena Williams had dominated Venus Williams in one of her biggest wins as she advanced to her fourth finals of the year at the Family Circle Cup on Saturday. Her excitement, though, was over the weeklong play of sister despite […]

Ryan O’Neal Wins Appeal In Defamation Case Over Valuable Portrait

Ryan O’Neal wins an appeal in a defamation case with a man who claimed the actor stole a valuable portrait of the late Farrah Fawcett. A divided panel of the 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled that O’Neal’s case against […]

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