$8 Million Apple iPad 2 Diamonds, Dinosaur

11/02/2021 10:14 AM ET

$8 Million IPad 2 Diamonds, Dinosaur - Luxury afficianado Stuart Hughes gives Apple’s iPad 2 tablet a makeover with diamonds, gold and dinosaur bones, that will cost you $8 million.

Apple’s tablet line may be the most popular in the world, but for the world’s richest individuals, the computer touchpad’s sleek and simple design just doesn’t cut it. Hughes and his company have created what is undoubtedly the most expensive tablet ever. It’s called the iPad 2 Gold History Edition, and while you won’t likely be able to afford it, the fact that it even exists should be enough to make your jaw drop.

To craft the $8 million ridiculously expensive tablet, Hughes starts with a 3G-equipped iPad 2. The standard aluminum back panel is then replaced with one formed out of solid 24ct gold, weighing approximately 70 ounces. The default black Apple logo is kicked to the curb in favor of 24ct gold version covered in 53 separate diamonds.

Turning attention to the front of the device, the bezel that surrounds the screen is swapped with one made of ammolite, one of the rarest rocks on the planet. Ammolite was made over millions of years from the remains of prehistoric mollusks called ammonites. The Ammolite produces a bright, rainbow-colored sheen that gives the tablet a one-of-a-kind look.

To really set the iPad 2 Gold History Edition apart from other luxury slates, the company takes actual Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur thigh bones and shaves them into the finish. To top it all off, the tablet’s iconic home button gets a facelift. The tiny black sphere is replaced with a platinum base studded with 12 outer diamonds and a single 8.5ct centerpiece.

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