​ArcaBoard: Engineer Company Creates ArcaBoard Levitating Hoverboard That Soars New Heights Through Air [Video]

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Dec. 29, 2015

ArcaBoard has created a levitating hoverboard for $19,900 with a video to prove it. While ArcaBoard is intriguing with its design and “Back to the Future” technology, it leaves a lot to be desired, according to BGR.

Some say the ArcaBoard, a private space company, would be the perfect gift for the holidays, but for a price tag of $19,900, it won’t be in most households. You may be able to make up for it by pre-ordering the levitating hoverboard. The rectangular board is powered by fans that can levitate off the ground and carry passengers to another destination.

ArcaBoard creates a real hoverboard

ArcaBoard creates a real hoverboard

Unlike other devices bearing the same name, this one is a fan-powered transportation device that appears to be exciting. “Ride across any terrain or water with the vehicle that was virtually impossible, until today,” the company boasts. “Each time you ride … you will find yourself at the center of a new experience.”

While ArcaBoard has created a real hoverboard for $19,900, it uses 36 electric ducted fans to lift a person weighing up to 110 kg. The ArcaBoard offers up to 272HP to the rider. The Long Endurance version of ArcaBoard has a lifting capacity of 80kg. It takes up to 6 hours of charging to ride the board for 6 minutes.

The ArcaBoard has also built-in stabilization system to keep the levitating hoverboard stable all the time. It can connect with Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. The smartphone app can be used to control the elevation and also the flight.

The levitating hoverboard measures 57 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 6 inches thick, weighing in at around 180 pounds. It may seem like a toy to fulfill children’s imaginations, but with its aerospace-grade material composition, this ArcaBoard is no joke.

Explaining the origins of the company idea, ARCA Space Corporation CEO Dumitru Popescu said, “A few months ago, me and Chris (Lang) and his kids went to the Organ Mountains to take some photos, because the weather was great — lots of clouds and the lighting was beautiful.” Lang is the company’s chief operating officer, and his young son offered the suggestion of a hoverboard as a means of travel over rocky terrain. “I said, ‘We could do that. It’s not very complicated. The technology is there, so why not?'” Popescu remembered.

Engineering the Future

“We started working right away, and we made very fast progress,” he continued about ArcaBoard. “Within two months, we tested the first ArcaBoard.” Now, just months later, Popescu and Lang have a product they’re proud of. “It’s a huge amount of power — more than the vast majority of automobiles,” Popescu said. “For its size, the ArcaBoard is probably the most powerful personal vehicle ever created in history.” And riding it seems pretty intuitive — “To move forward, you simply have to lean forward. To slow down or back up, you can lean backward,” the CEO explained. “The same goes for moving from side to side.”

The AcrwBosrd is a real hoverboard, But while you won’t get much airtime (three to six minutes tops), Lang is excited about the future of the hoverboard. “Our tagline is ‘Engineering the Future,'” he said. “And we really feel like this backs that up.”

As ArcaBoard has created a real hoverboard for $19,900, it may be long before we see the price reduced. But this hoverboard creates lift the old fashioned way and is surely exciting if it can be another means of transportation than a skateboard or a bicycle.

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