Essential Personal Productivity Tools

08/01/2021 10:07 AM ET

Essential Personal Productivity Tools - Technology has brought forth some incredible tools that not only change our lifestyle, but increases our daily productivity. Most of them are personal and essential on how we communicate. If you feel overwhelmed with your daily tasks, then read on, because we have some a list of some of these software programs that can help.

Many personal productivity software programs are open source programs, meaning they are free. Some of them come with your computer that offer calendars to track your time management. Use these to schedule and prioritize your tasks.

Some programs come with alarms that let you know when you have a commitment or should be done with a task; others can be shared in an office so you can block out time in your schedule so no one else will schedule conflicting commitments. Other programs manage computer functions, store information in easily accessible files, or manage communication such as sending automatic messages and alerting you of upcoming tasks.

If you’re getting tired of spam, learn how to use the “Junk” filters in your e-mail. The Mac has a great feature for this. If you’re using Windows, then Outlook can help with this task as well. Or, you can choose the free Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail program.

These programs will sort your e-mail as you specify, so you don’t have to wade through spam to get to personal emails, or personal emails to get to business emails. It’s like having an assistant who takes messages for you and then sorts your mail into different piles. When you’re in the mood to catch up with personal correspondence, you can check into your personal email folders, but you won’t get distracted while wading through the work e-mails, meaning you can crank through those faster.

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