​Facebook Phone Coming Soon?

​Facebook Phone Coming Soon

Facebook Phone coming soon? It’s a rumor, but social networking giant Facebook is reportedly building a new mobile phone. If real, it could change the way we communicate on a fundamental level.

Just imagine, if you would, a community voice gadget that has a person’s contact information based on a user ID. Click on a person’s profile picture or name, and you’ll be able to call them. It’s reasonable to presume folks will be able to consolidate all of their contact data this simply.

Another possible way to communicate is by pulling up a Friend’s profile and being able to call, text or IM them at a touch. It’s basically an all-in-one mobile device. A person could consolidate every one of their IM clients together under one name.

A new phone with some of these Facebook features only makes sense. There are some 3rd party apps for the Other mobile devices allow you to import contacts, but it’s very limited. This is still a rumor, but the social networking website definitely has the market for such a product.

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