​Galaxy S5 Comes In Two Versions

Author: Rob AdamsBy:
Staff Reporter
Aug. 10, 2014

Galaxy S5 will be Samsung’s official product name as it will offer a fingerprint scanner and 2K resolution display, it was confirmed on Jan. 31. However, this S5 information came in a thread of tweets from a well-known leaker.

The details about the new Galaxy are a bit sketchy, but we can only report on what we found out.

“They’re sticking with a winner, name-wise,” @evleaks wrote, posting a wallpaper image that has “Galaxy S5” written on it — the name choice is hardly a surprise considering the popularity of the Galaxy S5′s predecessors. Additional images show names of purported applications “from Samsung Galaxy S5” including “FingerprintService.apk” and “3DTourViewer_WQHD_K.apk.”

The Fingerprint Service app indicates that the phone will have a fingerprint scanner complete with related functionality, a feature that some Samsung execs hinted to. The second app reveals that the resolution of the phone’s display will be WQHD (2560 x 1440), also known as 2K, something many reports have also pointed to.

However, KGI Research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has recently said that the Galaxy S5 will come in two versions with different screen resolutions, including a WQHD “Premium” model and a Full HD (1920 x 1080) “Standard” version — a new leak has also revealed that some Galaxy S5 versions will have Full HD displays. According to Kuo, both versions will have a fingerprint scanner as well.

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