Indestructible PC Infected Botnet

Four million PCs infected. An Indestructible Botnet has infected millions of computers, according to Kaspersky Labs. The Botnet is different, and it’s something that’s been dubbed indestructible.

Kaspersky informs readers of their blog about the sophisticated virus actually is. It is called a TDSS variant, which is know for using methods of encryption to communicate between servers, and networks. Kaspersky also provide information on how the indestructible Botnet digs itself into the PC system and then hides itself even from the best anti-virus protection software.

In the past law enforcement agencies were able to successfully track and take control of the botnet’s server. Unfortunately these cybercriminals have taken the necessary to actions to protect their network and the joins proxy servers. The Kaspersky blog post states that the cybercriminals have setup an encryption algorithm to ensure the communications between the server run smoothly, while protecting its PC additions.

An addition problem to this indestructible botnet is that TDL-4 is a bootkit, which means it starts its progression before the operation system has even booted. This is why it’s able to hack in undetected and do as it pleases. It’s able to disable any malware protects or virus protection software before you have a chance to stop the attack.

So far of the four million plus attacks 28%, are in the U.S. Kaspersky also reports there are 7% in India and 5% in the U.K.. France, Germany, Mexico and Canada all played host to about 3% of infections each.

By: Cory Perrin
Published: Jul 1, 2021
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