​Jia Jia Robot Proves Technology Moving At Warp Speed Between Machine, Human Interaction

Jia Jia Robot
Author: Jennifer HongBy:
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Apr. 20, 2016

Jia Jia the robot is either a freaky invention, or one that will eventually change the world we live in. The technology is seemingly moving at warp speed these days. Not only do we have Google’s Boston Dynamics division churning out increasingly adept, we’re also seeing a discernible improvement in the likeness robots bear to humans.

The most recent example of this comes to us via China where university researchers recently unveiled a realistic robot called Jia Jia. The Spectrum reports. The robot ostensibly looks like a female adult, complete with facial features that can move (she blinks!), realistic facial expressions and human-like hair.

Without question, Jia Jia thankfully helps us forget about that eerie looking Scarlett Johansson robot someone built last month.

Designed to mimic a human in as many ways as possible, Jia Jia’s eyes will casually look around a room and her mouth was designed as to correspond with whatever statements she happens to be making. And to a certain extent, Jia Jia can even process events going on around her.

For instance, if Jia Jia recognizes that someone is up close and taking a picture, she’ll ask for some space, AskMen noted. “Don’t come too close to me when you are taking a picture,” Jia Jia says, “it will make my face look fat.”

While mass production doesn’t seem to be in the works just yet, the research team, led by director Chen Xiaoping, is keen on enhancing Jia Jia’s functionality in the months and years ahead.

It took the team three years to research and develop this new-generation interactive robot, which can speak, show micro-expressions, move its lips, and move its body. Compared to previous interactive robots, Jia Jia’s eyeballs roll naturally and its speech is in sync with its lip movements, in addition to her human-like form, Chen said.

Jia Jia can not cry or laugh and these are areas to be developed, BGR reported. “We hope to develop the robot so it has deep learning abilities. We will add facial expression recognition and make it interact more deeply with people,” said Chen.

Chen said he hoped Jia Jia would become a wise “robot goddess.” He also revealed that Jia Jia was “priceless” and the team would not consider mass production, yet.

The Independent said Jia Jia’s team will take her to Shanghai’s International Technology Fair on 21 April, where she will be shown off to investors and tech experts from around the world.

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