Kindle Fire Review - Losing Interest?

12/08/2021 04:28 AM ET

Kindle Fire Review - Kindle Fire ReviewThe Amazon Kindle Fire was a hot item, but some experts who are doing the popularity reviews suggest that e-Reader is cooling down.

The tablet computer may have scorched the market initially, but now its limitations could be causing consumers to lose interest, claims ad network Chitika in a recent review.

“The Kindle Fire certainly is a step in the right direction for Amazon and one of their most impressive tablets to date,” Chitika said. “It offers significant benefit at a relatively low cost, and if you’re willing to pay the extra mile, you can gain access to services such as Amazon’s Digital Content platform. However, if you are expecting a full-fledged tablet, you may be disappointed with functionality, given the Kindle Fire is more of an e-reader+.”

The electronic reader device received a lot of attention when it launched on November 14.

However, according to Chitika a different picture is beginning to unfold.

During the first week of its launch the tablet enjoyed modest growth in impressions. Then, on November 26 the sales increased dramatically.

However, over the past few day the tablets quickly took a nosedive when online activity subsequently dropped over 85 percent.

According to Chitika’s review they feel that it lit up the market initially due to its $199 price tag.

However, once the allure of the Kindle Fire fell, so did the amount of user activity.

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