Tracking Microchip And Penguin Kelli Recovered

Microchip Phones Home And Penguin Kelli Is Rescued.

Microchip and penguin Kelli was recovered by using a tracking device. Kelli, the penguin, phoned home with the microchip tracking device and was found just hours later. It’s the latest technology that involved a microchip that found a penguin named Kelli.

Tracking Microchip And Penguin Kelli Recovered

Police in the Dublin said the penguin was stolen from a city zoo. It was then tracked by using the microchip and located on a city street. Investigators said the penguin was taken from the Dublin Zoo by a group of men.

The penguin, a 10-year-old female Humboldt named Kelli, was unharmed by the ordeal. She was found just hours later, thanks to the latest technology that involved the microchip. However, investigators and the zoo are not amused by the incident.

“Dublin Zoo is naturally relieved that the animal is safe and unharmed and back in the zoo,” zoo officials said in a statement. “However, we wish to underline our annoyance about this incident. The welfare and health of all animals is our primary concern and this kind of incident is not frivolous and is certainly not something amusing.” Police are still investigating the theft incident.

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