​Microsoft Surface Price Tag For Basic Model Released

Staff Reporter
May. 22, 2014

Microsoft Surface price announced for basic model. In its ever ending battle to compete with Apple, “Surface” is coming to town with some HD features on the Windows 8 Pro operating system. The price is similar to the iPad.

The new tablet will be available in two versions, which are the “basic” and “Pro.” The “basic” model will run the Windows RT operating system and use an ARM CPU. The “Pro” model will run the Windows 8 Pro operating system and use an Intel CPU. The display is a 10.6 inches, 16:9 widescreen HD Display (Surface), or Full HD Display.

The most basic 32 GB Surface with the RT operating system will run you $499.00.

Microsoft will offer two keyboard covers for Surface: Touch Cover and Type Cover. Both, when folded up, serve as protective covers that connect to the tablet via a magnetic strip. When opened, the covers are keyboards. The Touch Cover is 3 millimeters in thickness and has a touch-sensitive keyboard. The Type Cover is thicker and includes a tactile keyboard. The keyboards have a gyroscope and accelerometer sensor to determine, based on position, whether or not to accept input. Both also include a multitouch touchpad.

The Touch cover, if bought separately will run for $119.00, but a basic black Touch cover can be bundled with the 32 GB Surface for $599.00. A 64 GB Surface with black Touch Pad will be $699.00. The thicker Type cover is not included in any bundles currently, and when bought separately will cost $129.00.

No pricing has been released for the Pro version as of yet, which will not begin to be shipped until at least 3 months after the release of the regular Surface.

Shipping on the RT version of the Microsoft tablets will begin with shipping on October 26th, with pre-ordering beginning now.

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