Microsoft Surface Pro 5 photos are fake.

Microsoft Surface Pro Photos Becomes Latest PC Leak

When a product is in the hype, there will always be heap after heap of rumors and linkage that will circulate the internet. Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is right in front of the hype train, running at full speed. With this, there is a high chance a linkage will explode, and it did…or so it is thought.

Photos of the supposedly Surface Pro 5 have been leaked, and it made all fans excited for more details. French website of Microsoft News released a photo of a supposedly new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 with its case accessories and a Surface Pen. It turns out that the “leaked” photo from the Microsoft site is a Surface Pro 4. The leak mania started when the post came with an image caption “win10-feature-surface-pro-5_image_5z” which was already fixed as of this writing.

This leak’s fire was ignited more by the news that one of Microsoft’s employees has replaced his LinkedIn Profile. The picture, which can be seen on Window Central reported being erased as of this time. But the screenshot provided the word NEON, which is the upcoming Windows 10 design language and is said to be used on different platforms.

With this news, it is possible that the upcoming Windows 10 update will include a revamped support for multiplatform apps. It is also possible that Microsoft is cooking a new feature between its Surface Pro 5 and Windows Xbox. With Sony’s PlayStation 5 on-going development, Microsoft might bring another new feature to stay on the competition.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 might come in spring 2017 together with Surface Book 2. It was expected before that the powerhouse surface duo will come to Consumer Electronics Show last January, but it was a no-show. The Surface Pro 5 is becoming the new trend for computing technology.