​New iPad Leaked Photos Appear To Be Apple-Ready Units

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Aug. 10, 2014

There are leaked photos of a new Apple iPad published by a French website, which could be shipping in November 2013. It’s worth nothing that nothing has been confirmed by Apple.

If the photo from the French tech site is real, then the new 2013 iPad will be thinner than its predecessors, but have the same general design.

The “first evidence of the imminent release of the next iPad,” said the source for the leak. The anonymous source claims he works within the Chinese supply chain. Some experts say it appears to be the real thing.

But as Lance Whitney of CNET points out, the French site does have a decent track record with this kind of stuff — the images it acquired of the iPhone 5, for instance, ended up being dead-on accurate.

Moreover, the Nowhereelse.fr correspond pretty well with a DigiTimes report from yesterday, which predicted that “volume production” of the fifth-generation iPad would begin by July or August.

Sources told DigiTimes that the new iPad would be “thinner and lighter than the fourth-generation one and will adopt a slim bezel design, similar to that of the iPad Mini.”

The iPad Mini, of course, was launched simultaneously with the fourth-generation iPad; sales of the smaller tablet have apparently been brisk.

Apple continues to dominate the tablet market here and abroad, by quite healthy margins.

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