Quit Smoking App Helps Smokers Kick The Habit

08/19/2011 10:51 AM ET

People who are trying to quit smoking will now have a smart phone app designed to kick the habit as lawmakers continue to ban the practice in public establishments.

With the technology out today app developers are trying to think of new ideas to help people stop smoking.

Number one on our list is called “Quitter.” This app is very simple and easy to use. Day by day, it updates and tells you how long you have quit smoking and also shows how much money you have saved. Another positive to this mobile program, it’s FREE in iTunes.

Another great app to help you or anyone else quit smoking is the app titled “Smokeless.” This app is a little more hands-on than the Quitter app and requires thought. Stage 1 in using this app is to list your reasons to quit smoking in the app. Next you want to start the quitting program by entering how often you smoke and what your overall time goal is for quitting. Then during the program, to help you fight your withdrawals the app reminds you of those reasons you wanted to quit and also has a tab on the app to help with certain symptoms.

Touching on the other side of smart phones (Android Market) we have the “Quit Now!” app. This app is similar to “Quitter,” but tries to take it up one notch and adds a few things to the banner. “Quit Now!” displays the day and time you started smoking.

It also has another bar menu, which shows how many days/months it has been. In addition, it will show how much money you have saved. The one thing I like about this app that the developers added is the amount of time you have saved by not smoking. I like this because often people don’t realize how much time is wasted by constantly focusing on smoking.

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