Vaseline Skin Whitening Facebook Tool

Vaseline Skin Whitening Tool

Skin whitening tool for Facebook profile.

Skin whitening Facebook tool by Vaseline. The Facebook app is a skin whitening tool made by Vaseline that promises to transform your face. This means your Facebook face, or profile, and it’s designed to promote Vaseline’s skin whitening creams.

Vaseline Skin Whitening Facebook Tool

Facebook tools and apps offer just about everything. But now, the online social networking site has a new skin whitening app for India. Indians can now whiten their skin on Facebook. Vaseline, skin care company, has recently introduced a skin-lightening application for Facebook users in India.

Skin whitening programs are new, and will enable Indian users to make their skin whiter in their profile pictures. The download is designed to promote Vaseline’s range of skin-lightening creams for men. The creams are a huge and fast-growing market driven by fashion and a cultural preference for fairer skin.

In a campaign fronted by Bollywood actor Shahid Kapur, the widget promises to “transform your face on Facebook with Vaseline Men.” Kapur’s face is divided into dark and fair halves. Pankaj Parihar from the global advertising firm Omnicom, which designed the campaign stated, “We started campaign advertising (for the application) from the second week of June and the response has been pretty phenomenal,”

Indian cosmetics giant Emani launched the first skin-whitening cream for men in 2005. It was called “Fair and Handsome.” Since then, a half dozen foreign brands have flooded into the market for men. These products have included Garnier, L’Oreal and Nivea. According to a 2009 online dating site poll, skin tone was considered the most important criteria when choosing a partner in three northern Indian states.


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