Toyota Recall News Reveals Tacoma And Prius Lawsuit

Toyota Recall News Reveals Tacoma And Prius Lawsuit

2010 Tacoma trucks are now part of Toyota recall news. There is also a Prius hybrid car lawsuit underway.

Toyota is facing its worse time in automobile history, as it announced a new recall on 8,200 Tacoma trucks. The 2010 Toyota Tacoma 4WD has problems with its front drive shaft. This recall is separate from the other three.

Recalls on faulty floor mats, sticky accelerator pedals, and brake system errors have continued. The latest recall announcement indicates that Tacoma vehicles may contain a damaged component. The component became damaged during the manufacturing process.

It is suspected that the part has cracks that occurred during manufacturing. However, the cracks could get worse through driving. If the cracks continue to develop, the possibility of a separation between the drive shaft and the joint portion may occur.

The latest recall does not include other Toyota or Lexus vehicles. Since the Tacoma recall affects front drive shafts that were manufactured by lot, dealers can inspect the vehicles and perform replacements. The inspection only takes 10 minutes and there is no cost for customers.

Woman Sues Automaker Over Husband’s Death

A Nebraska widow has sued Toyota in federal court seeking compensation for the death of her husband. He was killed when their Prius suddenly accelerated and crashed. The complaint was filed last Friday.

Jacquelyn Donoghue, 67, her 2006 Toyota Prius went out of control in December and slammed into another vehicle. Her husband, John Donoghue, was killed, and she was injured. Her attorney says the car was not equipped with a brake-to-idle override safety feature.

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