By: Michael Stevens - Staff Writer
Published: Apr 22, 2021

10 Most-Visited National Parks

10 Most-Visited National Parks. Here’s a list of the top 10 most-visited American national parks, grouped by popularity. The data shows some interesting numbers on where people take their campers across America.

The Top 10 Most Visited National Parks

1. Blue Ridge PKWY 18,953,478
2. Golden Gate NRA 13,486,824
3. Great Smoky Mountains NP 9,289,215
4. Gateway NRA 8,456,456
5. Lake Mead NRA 7,777,753
6. George Washington MEM PKWY 6,872,213
7. Natchez Trace PKWY 5,713,583
8. Delaware Water Gap NRA 5,254,216
9. Cape Cod NS 4,487,716
10. Grand Canyon NP 4,279,439

10 Most-Visited National Parks

With 3 parkways and 4 recreation areas, that list doesn’t necessarily represent the big, out-of-the-way destination parks that we typically picture when we think of a ‘National Park’. And so, let me apply a filter to the data to isolate just the top ten National Parks.

This ‘top ten’ list looks pretty similar to last year’s numbers, but there has been some movement in the bottom ten parks. Want to avoid the crowds? Check out these least visited park units.

Aniakchak had only 60 visitors last year! It has been noted though, counting must be tough at Aniakchak considering there are no permanent buildings (NPS or otherwise) at the monument. The only real way to get there is by float plane, and even that can be tricky I’ve been told. Counting down from 10

The Bottom 10:

10. Noatak NPRES 3,272
9. Kobuk Valley NP 3,005
8. Cape Krusenstern NM 2,598
7. Salt River Bay NHP 2,526
6. Alibates Flint Quarries NM 1,882
5. Frederick Law Olmsted NHS 1,559
4. Bering Land Bridge NPRES 1,265
3. National Park of American Samoa 1,239
2. Rio Grande W&SR 135
1. Aniakchak NM & PRES 60

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