American Airlines Pilot Attacked By 2 Passengers

07/28/2011 02:34 PM ET

An American Airlines pilot was attacked and beaten by 2 passengers while he tried to escort them off the plane last Wednesday night. The flight was getting ready to take off from Miami to San Franscico. The pilot was trying to remove 2 brothers, Jonathan and Luis Baez, that were being belligerent on the plane.

The flight was taxing on the runway at around 9pm when a flight attendant noticed 27-year old Jonathan Baez was asleep and not wearing his seat belt. The attendant tried to awaken the man, but he was unresponsive possibly from medication or alcohol.

The pilot was alerted of the situation and turned the plane around, heading back to the gate. Baez finally awoke and was told that he would not be permitted to continue on the overnight flight given his condition. As Baez was being escorted off the flight, his 29-year old brother, Luis Daniel, walked off the flight with him. The brothers then threatened the pilot, Luis Daniel, with a threat: "When you fly to San Juan, I will have you killed."

The pilot stayed with the plane, but Luis Daniel returned, hitting the unidentified pilot with his fist. When a flight attendant tried to help, Luis Daniel hit the attendant in the shoulder. Jonathan then returned and helped his brother beat the pilot with their fists, causing a bruise, cuts and blurred vision in his left eye, the police report states. When the pilot fled into the terminal, the brothers chased after him.

The men were eventually detained by flight crew members and some passengers on the flight. "There was a scuffle that took place, so about three or four of us went out there and tackled the guys. There were two of them and I guess the pilot ended up with some contusions on his face. So we just did what we needed to do to help out," Ken Venting of Scotts Valley, California, told KGO-TV in San Francisco.

Jonathan Baez was held Thursday on $9,000 bond on charges of battery and aggravated battery. Luis Baez was held on $12,500 bond on charges of aggravated assault and aggravated battery. The pilot was replaced on the flight that took off two and a half hours later then scheduled.

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