Boeing and 747-8 is the biggest plane for travel airline industry

Boeing 747-8 and interior seating

By: Kara Gilmour
Staff Writer
Published: Feb 9, 2021

Travel - Boeing jumbo jet 747-8 completed its first commercial jet flight and tests were successful. Dreamliner was delayed two times last year but is proven to be the next innovation for the airlines. First plane orders scheduled for later this year.

Boeing has made history by successfully completing a range of flight tests for the 747-8 commercial jet. It completed the test flight at Paine Field Everett, north of Seattle, Washington. The jumbo jet was delayed two times last year but the commercial carrier brings innovation to the travel industry.

The Boeing plane's first official take-off finally came exactly one day before the 41st anniversary of 747's maiden flight in 1969. Boeing is apparently looking towards the plane's first delivery in the fourth quarter this year. There are currently 108 orders for the Boeing's biggest bird and plane.

Boeing has orders for 76 freighters and 32 passenger versions of the plane. The list prices vary from $293 million to $308 million. Boeing is running about a year behind schedule after diverting engineers to its delayed 787 Dreamliner program.

However, the company plans to deliver the first plane this year. It wants its customers to know the 747-8 performs better than previous 747 models, but a selling point is that it handles much the same as the classic jumbo jet. That means no new training for pilots.

Testing the jumbo jet's landing gear and electrical systems

During the first flight, the pilots raised and lowered the 747-8's landing gear numerous times. They also performed engine shutdowns and tested the jet's electrical systems. The test pilots couldn't find much to complain about the 747-8's performance.

The 747-8 is 250 feet long - about 18 feet longer than current 747s. It has new wings, engines and technology to make it more fuel-efficient. The new freighter is expected to enter service late this year, while a passenger version is due for delivery in late 2011.