Disney Ship Hammered, Cruise Line Guests Tell Story

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
10/30/2012 08:41 AM ET

The Disney ship “Fantasy” was hammered by strong winds and rough seas created by Hurricane Sandy last weekend. Guests onboard the ship recorded their experience and what the Disney captain asked them to do. It all started when large waves began to hit the vessel for several hours straight, beginning at 12 AM Saturday, causing merchandise and other things to break.

“There was a moment in the night where they [sic] ship tilted so far to the right that the furniture moved across our room. If you think about how far a thirteenth story ship has to tilt for furniture to move, it says a lot,” a guest who was on the ship said. He says the captain and its crew members were apologetic for the rough waters the ship went through. In fact, the cruise line is giving discounts to those were onboard.

“The captain came on the intercom and said that the weather was far worse than what was predicted in that area, and he told us to stay in our cabins to be safe,” the witness said. He said that night, which was the sixth day on the Disney Cruise, was a scary experience.

“The ship was rising and dropping into the water pretty dramatically, it was really startling at times,” the source stated. “But the crew was doing the best they could, and Disney did give us a 25% discount on our next cruise.”

The Disney Fantasy ship was making it’s way through the Atlantic as it sailed past Miami, Florida. That’s when the storm hit the strongest, from rough waters created by Hurricane Sandy.

The sliding doors to the bedroom in the Disney suite began to quickly slam open and shut. Around 2 AM, there was a violent tossing of the ship from side-to-side. All of the glassware was shattered as it hit the ground.

Some of the glass doors for the entrances to the outer decks were shattered and on the ground.

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