​Human Skeletal Remains Found At LaGuardia Airport By Maintenance Workers

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August 21, 2021

Human skeleton remains have been found in a remote area of New York’s LaGuardia Airport by maintenance workers in a marshy area at the water’s edge of Flushing Bay while clearing weeds, foliage and leaves.

The skeletal remains were sent to the medical examiner’s office and were identified as human. Detectives are investigating the scene near LaGuardia Airport and are reviewing missing-person cases in an effort to identify the victim. Officials said it is too early to determine whether any criminality is involved with the remains.

Staff from the medical examiner’s office estimated that the bones had been in the water between six months and a year, the official said. A forensic anthropologist assembled the bones, but the gender remains unclear. The Port Authority said the bones were scattered in at least 17 different places near the shoreline.

The bones were discovered in a secure area that the public doesn’t have access to, on the shore line of the bay that surrounds the airport, officials said.

The Medical Examiner’s office removed the skeletal remains late Monday and transported them to a lab for analysis.