Larry Ellison Buys $600 Million Lana’i Hawaiian Island


Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is buying the Lana’i Hawaiian island, the sixth largest in the region, for $600 million. The land stretches 18 miles long, 13 miles wide, and sits on 90,000 acres.

In fact, Bill and Melina Gates got married there in 1994 and they are co-owners of the Four Seasons hotel chain in the area. That’s why so many people are wondering why they didn’t buy the special island. Oprah Winfrey was another candidate, who stayed for the entire Hawaiian Sunday service held in the little chapel at The Lodge, and some say she had a spiritual connection there.

However, there isn’t much to the island, yet there is a lot you can do. There are endless choices just between the two Lana’i resorts. If you go to The Lodge at Koele, you feel like you are in Montana, Colorado or Wyoming.

There are huge pine trees everywhere. You get the feeling you are at a ranch, as there are stables nearby and horses in the paddock. You can go horseback riding, or hike along 12 miles of the Munro trail.

Upon entering the Lodge, you walk into an enormous living room with massively high ceilings, huge stone fireplaces bookended with mattresses covered in native American fabric to lounge on. They serve full tea in the afternoon. There is a formal garden, pond and orchid house out back. There is croquet set-up so that you can just walk out and play!

Since you are in town anyway when you are visiting the Lodge, stroll down to Main Street and view art at the Mike Carroll Gallery, head into The Local Gentry and buy some “island attire”, or cross over the Town Green to Dis ‘n Dat shop for jewelry and all kinds of things. Yes, you can get a great latte at Coffee Works, too. At the Hotel Lana’i, you can catch the shuttle down to the resort at Manele Bay.

Think of it as the perfect place to retire because with all the tourists, it feels like you’re on vacation forever, and that may be something Ellison wants.

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