​Man Thrown From Plane During Pilot Lesson, Body Found​​

March 30, 2021

A man gets thrown from his plane at an altitude of 2,500 feet as he was taking a flying class in Tennessee. Police and emergency rescue teams are currently searching for the individual.

Man Thrown From Plane

Police believe that the plane’s canopy threw the man from the aircraft. The victim, who has not been unidentified at this point, is currently missing and presumed dead. An extensive ground search is ongoing for the missing pilot trainee.

Two people were on the plane when it nosedived after the canopy failure, on Friday, March 29. The victim was joined by a flight instructor who survived the flight.

The pilot, who wished to remain unnamed in the media, landed the airplane safely and alerted authorities of the trainee going missing upon touching ground. While he was in shock upon landing, he has not been injured during the flight.

Emergency trucks have been dispatched to Collegedale Regional Airport and ground rescue crews are scouring the area for the pilot.

Search and rescue teams have been sent out in East Brainerd and Apison, in the rural area east of Chattanooga.

Lowell Sterchi, speaking for Collegedale Airport mentions that the pilot fell out of a Zodiac 601 experimental aircraft.

He had not fastened his seat belt before falling off, and an earlier report noted that he was ejected from the aircraft.

The missing pilot was reportedly carrying two cellphones at the time, one of which was his while the other belonged to the instructor.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are collaborating in the search effort. Investigators are attempting to use the GPS feature on the phones to pinpoint the victim’s location.