Mexicana Airlines Travel Shutdown

By: Staff
Staff Writer
Published: Aug 28, 2021

Mexicana airlines has ceased all travel and flights since it filed bankruptcy.

Mexicana Airlines travel shutdown. Mexicana flights are grounded because of financial woes with the airlines. Mexicana is one of the airlines to cease operations in recent months.

Airlines are facing troubled times this year, but Mexicana is in worse shape. The air carrier filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this month and has cease operations as of Saturday. The last few Mexicana flights left from O'Hare Saturday morning.

Flights and ticket sales have been dropping and it's been seven days since new ownership took over operations for Mexicana, but not even that could keep the Mexican air carrier flying. The airline, which filed for bankruptcy in the United States and Mexico on August 2, will indefinitely cease operations. It also left some ticket holders in the dark.

Mexicana is Mexico's largest air carrier. It operates several flights from the United States to Mexico. A lot of travelers rely on the airline because other air carriers do not fly directly to smaller cities in Mexico. In court filings Mexicana said it was badly hit by the swine flu outbreak last year that scared away travelers, which hurt ticket sales for months. They also added that high fuel costs and their inability to reach cost-cutting agreements with their unions didn't help either.