​Most Terrifying Roads in the World​​

September 17, 2021

They are called the most terrifying roads in the world. These are some very dangerous roads in the world and most of them are terrifying. Hang on to your seatbelt as we explore the narrow paths.

The North Yungas Road (Road of Death), Bolivia - It is also known as the Road of Death. It stretches for about 40 mountain-hugging miles and is only 10 feet wide.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China - The highway is made right on the mountains, it is high, pretty narrow, cloudy and definitely dangerous. The overall length of the highway is 2,028 kilometers.

Pan American Highway - They are a network of roads stretching for nearly about 30,000 miles from Alaska to the lower reaches of South America. This is the world’s longest “motorable road,” according to Guinness World Records. Some of them are widely known for their narrow curves, steep cliffs, flash floods and landslides.

Coastal Roads, Croatia - Compared to the other roads from our post, the coastal roads of Croatia may look childish, but that’s not the case. The coastal roads and the fast-driving Croats that crowd them probably account for more deaths and injuries than accidents associated with unexploded ordinance ever do.

Guoliang Tunnel in Taihang mountains, China - The name of the tunnel translates from Chinese as the “Road that does not tolerate any mistakes.” First the tunnel was created by the villagers from the remote area of the Taihang Mountains to get a way out to the outside world. Presently the road is 15 feet high and 12 feet wide which is pretty scary for the drivers.