New Airline Fees 2011 - List Of Travel Carrier Charges

By: John Lester
Staff Writer
Published: Jan 6, 2021

New Airline Fees 2011 - List of new travel carrier charges. New airline fees are on the horizon in 2011 that could impact travel. Air carriers made most of their operating profit in 2010 from added charges.

Airline fees for infants could be on the horizon. The U.S. is considering banning lap children for safety reasons, requiring instead that parents buy seats and place little ones in child restraint systems. But if the government doesn't act, we might see the airlines make a move.

There could be an extra charge for using a credit card. Airlines love to tack on a small fee when you purchase tickets online. In fact, air carriers in other countries have already invoked the measure, so this wouldn't be anything new to foreigners.

Get ready to pay extra fees by the pound for checked bags. Many foreign airlines charge a flat fee for bags weighing up to a certain limit, and then charge by the kilogram or pound for anything over and above. Your bag could cost way more than your fare.

Other things to consider for potential flight changes in 2011:

- Name change
- No refunds
- Carry-on bags
- Fare lock-in rates
- Internet convenience charges