​Too Fat To Fly Suit Settled: $6M Settlement For Being Too Fat

Author: Rob AdamsBy:
Staff Reporter
Sep. 9, 2014

The Too fat to fly suit is settled for $6 million against three airlines who banned a 407 pound woman from their aircrafts.

According to Examiner, the $6M suit was settled because the woman’s widower alleged that his wife died because because she was denied the ability to seek timely medical assistance. Vilma Soltesz died at the couple’s holiday home in Hungary after she was not allowed to fly back to New York City by Delta, KLM or Lufthansa in 2012. Her husband Janos Soltesz, 57, settled his wrongful death suit last month for an undisclosed amount.

The Too fat to fly suit was settled after the couple were sent on a “wild goose chase” across Europe in October 2012 by the airlines, which ultimately caused Soltesz’s death, according to the New York Daily News.

Morbidly-obese Soltesz was also wheelchair-bound by an amputated leg and suffered from diabetes and kidney disease.

She was found dead at the age of 56 at her vacation home in Hungary in October 2012, days after several aircraft crews repeatedly failed to accommodate her size, which prompted the Too fat to fly suit.

The couple left their Bronx home in September 2012 on a Delta Air Lines plane, securing two seats for Vilma and one for her husband. The couple arrived safely in Budapest on a vacation, according to the Too fat to fly suit.

By October 2, 2012, Vilma Soltesz sought treatment at a hospital in Hungary when she fell ill. She was released and told she could fly home but to see her doctor immediately upon her arrival.

The pair tried to leave Budapest two weeks later on a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight, with seats similar to what they had on their flight from the United States, according to the Too fat to fly suit.

But a captain told them to disembark after Soltesz struggled to maneuver from her wheelchair into her assigned seats, the Too fat to fly suit says.

After waiting in a Budapest airport for more than five hours, the couple drove to Prague to catch a Delta flight they were assured could accommodate them.

But Delta did not have an adequate wheelchair to transport Vilma Soltesz to her seat, the suit added. The Too fat to fly suit stated:

“The Delta flight coordinator told Janos and Vilma that Delta ‘did not have access to a skylift’ to get Vilma onto the aircraft from the rear, and that there was nothing more Delta could do for them.”

Later, on October 22, as several medics and firefighters helped her board a Lufthansa flight, the captain told the couple they had to disembark because “other passengers need to catch a connecting flight and cannot be delayed further” the Too fat to fly suit says.

“Exhausted and feeling ill, Vilma Soltesz went to bed after the couple drove back to their vacation home in Veszprem, Hungary.”

On October 24, Janos found her dead - nine days after she was supposed to have seen her doctor in New York. About a year later, the Too fat to fly suit was settled for $6 million. There are many people who are overweight and can’t fly, but they are usually told upfront on whether or not the airline can accommodate them.

The Too fat to fly suit will always be a sad one. This suit has already forced airlines to change their policies on how they handle passengers who are obese.

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