​Typo: Obama FAA Bipartisan Plan Delayed Over Error​​

April 27, 2021

The Senate has finally agreed on a bipartisan plan, but now a typo is keeping President Obama from signing legislation designed to end budget-related FAA air traffic controller furloughs.

Typo Obama FAA

Apparently the holdup boils down to an “s” needing to be added somewhere in the Senate version of the bill — it’s not clear which word is the culprit.

But this time the blame isn’t President Obama.

The House fixed the typo in the version it passed Friday, and the Senate plans to fix it on Tuesday, a senior House GOP said in a statement. The FAA “is not impacted,” the source said.

President Obama is expected to sign it soon after.

The FAA issued a statement Saturday, saying that it had suspended all employee furloughs and that “the system will resume normal operations by Sunday evening.”

The story was first reported by ABC News.

In rare bipartisan accord, normally quarrelsome U.S. lawmakers passed the measure Friday, capping a major congressional initiative as delays snarled traffic at airports.

But now the typo could delays things further than just flights.

The measure gives the Transportation Department budget planners new flexibility for dealing with forced spending cuts.

It also allows authorities to protect 149 control towers at small- and medium-sized airports that are slated for closure for budgetary reasons.

If it’s not the Senate coming to an agreement, it’s a typo that Barack Obama refuses to sign off on, and it’s causing grief for FAA officials.