Watch Cartoons Online: Free Websites (Full HD) In 2022

Watch Cartoons Online For Free In Full HD (2022)

Those born in the 90s and early 2000s lived through a golden era of cartoons as they were the best entertainment option for kids. Millennials had to tune in to their televisions every day to watch cartoons. Kids these days don’t have to do even the slightest of that struggle as cartoons are available on the internet now.

Around two decades ago, cable television was very popular, while the internet was only available for office work mostly. Cartoons at that time were aired at a specific time and on a specific channel only. The excitement for your favorite cartoons was very high. Missing these cartoons wasn’t an option, and even if they had missed it, they had to watch them first thing in the morning on repeat.

Well, now the time has changed a lot, and this is the internet era. Here, designated cartoon websites allow kids to watch cartoons whenever they want. This article features a list of the ten best websites where you can watch cartoons online in full HD quality whenever you want.

10 Best Free Websites To Watch Cartoons Online In Full HD

Here we will be talking about the ten best free websites that you can use to watch cartoons online in full HD quality. We have selected these websites based on many customer reviews and if they provide free services or not.

1) WatchCartoonOnline – Best Easy-To-Use Website To Watch Cartoons Online For Free

Best Easy-To-Use Website To Watch Cartoons Online For Free

WatchCartoonOnline is a popular cartoon website where you can watch new and old cartoons, movies, and anime. It features an extensive collection of cartoons for both mature persons and kids. For anime series, they are dubbed and subbed into various languages to make it easy for you to understand them.

You can select the category of cartoons and enter their title on the search bar to find them. Instead of blindly watching a cartoon series and wasting your time, simply read the backstory from the home screen first.

Key Features:

  • Responsive and attractive user interface.
  • Newly released content is available on the home screen.
  • Search bar where you can search for what you want.
  • Dubbed and subbed anime.

2) Toonjet – Watch Cartoons Online And Relive Your Childhood Moments With This Free Website

Toonjet - Watch Cartoons Online And Relive Your Childhood Moments

Toonjet brings back the memory of cartoons from the 50s and 60s with popular shows from that era. This includes Popeye the sailor man, adventures of Micky Mouse, and Looney tunes. Toonjet features a large gallery with thousands of episodes of popular cartoons.

Use your password and email to sign on to Toonjet and watch live cartoons over the internet. A separate section shows all the available cartoons based on the date. It shows the official airing date of a cartoon series along with the animator’s name to credit them for their work.

Key Features:

  • Alerts for new content.
  • Google search for new episodes.
  • A community forum for discussions.
  • Blogs on cartoon-related topics.

3) YouTube – Has a Cartoons Section Where You Can Watch Them For Free

Watch Cartoons Online For Free On YouTube


Although, the main purpose of YouTube is to provide users with content from creators. The same thing applies to the cartoon section, where you can watch cartoons from some of the best studios of the era.

It features channels of popular cartoon networks such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Networks, along with personal channels of content creators. You can watch hours of cartoons here. Change the quality of the video, add subtitles, and download videos from YouTube to watch them without the internet.

Key Features:

  • Adjust the quality of videos.
  • Use subtitles.
  • Advanced search options.

4) Cartoon Network HQ – Home To Some Of The Best Kid’s Cartoons Online

Watch Cartoons Online With Cartoon Network HQ

This website is for those who enjoy Cartoon Network-only shows like Ben 10 and Teen Titans Go. Here, you can watch some popular Cartoon Network programs. However, the majority of the content on this website consists of short videos created specifically for it.

Fans who wish to view the entire show will have to look for other options. On the plus side, the website does provide an engaging selection of online games based on their shows.

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Key Features:

  • Short videos
  • Online games
  • Free And Has An Attractive UI
  • Family and child-friendly content

5) Cartoons On – Features An Extensive List Of Genres To Watch Cartoons Online

Cartoons On - Features An Extensive List Of Genres To Watch Cartoons Online

Online cartoons from the past can be viewed for free at Cartoons On. The website is quite straightforward, and you can simply navigate it. Using the built-in search engine, search for episodes of your favorite series from their inventory and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Additionally, you can sort the content by creator and studio. For instance, if you love Disney, you can just choose that option, and only cartoons from that studio will be shown to you. In addition, you can also watch a lot of Japanese anime on the website for free in HD.

Key Features:

  • HD videos.
  • Watch videos from multiple sources.
  • Clean UI with the Search bar.
  • Cartoons from all genres.

6) – Free Website To Watch Old Classical Cartoons Online - Free Website To Watch Old Classical Cartoons Online

Super Cartoons are yet another good option to watch unlimited episodes of classic cartoons. The website’s home page features some popular cartoon series from the past.

Filter cartoons according to studios, characters, and series to find the right series. The website shows ads, but they don’t block your vision, and you can watch as many cartoons as you want.

Key Features:

  • Advanced filters to search for cartoons.
  • Attractive and clean user interface.
  • Home page with new cartoons.

7) Boomerang – Home To The Best Cartoons, Videos, And Free Games

Boomerang - Home To The Best Cartoons, Videos, And Free Games.

Boomerang uses the same concept of Saturday Morning Cartoons and provides users with popular cartoon series such as Johnny Quest’s back to the forefront, Tom and Jerry, Courage the Cowardly Dog, etc.

You need to tune in on your tv every day to these cartoons and instead can watch them according to your schedule. The resolution of these cartoons is also improved to a great extent. Enjoy the best quality cartoons online with Boomerang.

Key Features:

  • Free weekly trail
  • High-quality cartoons
  • Streaming on small-screen devices
  • User-friendly interface

8) – Best Site To Watch Cartoons And Anime Online - Best Site To Watch Cartoons And Anime Online

In terms of the available collection of cartoons, animated movies, and anime, is very similar to WatchCartoonOnline. Some pretty big American cartoon series are available here, but players often overlook them due to the availability of anime shows.

Don’t worry if cartoons are in another language, as you can use English subtitles to understand what the characters are saying. This process is quite long, but you can request the English dubbed version of the Japanese anime series. Create your account with your email to join the discussion on the built-in forum.

Key Features:

  • Watch previously missed episodes
  • Rate cartoons with stars
  • Apply filters to sort cartoons
  • Free
  • Features genres of cartoons and anime
  • New and old cartoons

9) – Good Alternative To Sites Like KissAnime To Watch Cartoons Online

Watch Cartoon Online In HQ

WatchCartoonOnline is a popular website where you can watch new and old cartoons without paying a single penny. The built-in library features cartoons from popular networks and online stream websites.

You can find and watch new as well as old episodes of popular shows like American Dad, Castlevania, and Teen Titans Go at your fingertips and according to your schedule. Enjoy these cartoon series in high video quality.

If you have no experience watching cartoons, just go to the homepage, and it will show you any cartoon series that is currently trending. Thanks to the site’s user interface, searching for cartoons is very easy. Special filters are also available to conduct advanced research.

Key Features:

  • Episodes of cartoons from all genres
  • Totally free
  • Rate cartoons after signing up
  • Filters and search bar
  • New episodes are uploaded within a few hours

10) WCO (Watch Cartoons Online) –  Watch Your Favourite Anime And Cartoons Dubbed In English

WCO (Watch Cartoons Online

WCO is a very good option to watch any missed episodes of your favorite cartoon shows. It features cartoons from popular networks, such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, etc., for free. However, the website’s interface is outdated to some extent, but it’s alright as long as it provides you with the latest cartoon series.

The site is also known for providing users with subbed and dubbed enemies in various languages from around the globe. You can let the website decide what you will be watching today through the trending section from the home screen.

Key Features:

  • Features various genres of cartoons for free
  • Subbed and dubbed anime series
  • Search bar for easy search
  • Popular shows are highlighted
  • Advanced search options
  • Complete information about each series and episode


The internet proved to be a lifeline for old cartoon series, which almost vanished into the dust of time. The means of entertainment are changed entirely due to the internet and the latest streaming platforms where you can easily watch cartoons online. These websites are a sigh of relief for both parents and kids. We hope this article will help you find the best free websites to watch anime or cartoons online.

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