Scientists Predict Colder Winter For United States

Scientists and forecasters say the Eastern United States will face one of the coldest winters in several years. More snowfall is expected this winter. Weather forecasters say the cold spells will start in December through February.

Forecasters say that this winter will have more snowfall than last year. Scientists predict the coldest winter in several years. The increase price for heating will make it difficult for some residents to afford the costs

Weather forecasters around the country warn of one of the coldest winters in several years. Scientists also say that the Eastern United States will have more snowfall than last year’s record highs.

“The winter as a whole in the population-dense Eastern third of the nation will be a one-two punch of higher heating prices and lower temperatures,” he said. “It may be a shock to some when compared with above-average temperatures of last year in the East,” said Joe Bastardi of AccuWeather.

Bastardi on Wednesday said that this winter will be off to a cold start in mid-December. The cold spell will continue through February. He also mentioned at least three cold spells between the three months.

“Given this economic environment, the winter will push some homeowners to the brink,” Bastardi said.

On the other hand, scientists say that warmer temperatures are predicted in the West. The warmer than average temperatures will be from December through February. Some scientists believe it is in result of climate change, or global warming.

The Midwest will get less snow than last year. However, a pair of cold spells are predicted but temperatures will be not as low as the Eastern United States.

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