Microsoft Windows 7 Release Date Slated For September

Microsoft just might fool us all by changing the Windows 7 release date after its fiasco with Vista. Company insiders say CEO Steve Ballmer is pressing to ship the operating system for late September.

Microsoft Corp might be changing the Windows 7 release date from 2010 to early September 2009, according to company insiders. At first glance, it seemed impossible that the software giant could ship a new Windows operating system this year. However, September isn’t something new and can be found on some of Microsoft’s white papers.

The official release date for 2010 was never set in stone. It was printed on the Microsoft’s Web site as the shipping date in an effort to buy more time if Windows 7 wasn’t ready. However, the new operating system is about to leave beta and enter it’s first “release candidate” stage in about two weeks.

Microsoft Windows 7 meets high expectations and if moving forward with a new release candidate.

Windows 7 beta has been a major success for the company. They went from developing products with the traditional closed door, to opening its development process with the public. They made several changes during the past year to get the public involved to test-drive its new product.

Microsoft also invited feedback from the public, which itself is a big plus. This shows that the software giant is serious about it’s next release. It could also be a marketing ploy to quiet the Vista complaints and keep consumers away from other operating systems.

Either way, it is an excellent move on Microsoft’s part and one could speculate that a Windows 7 launch date is very near. Surprisingly, the beta has moved forward with fewer bugs reported than its professors. In fact, most of the industry was a little shocked that the beta made it through with such an excitement among consumers.

Moving forward, Microsoft insiders say that CEO Steve Ballmer wants Windows 7 released this year. It would also make better business sense to upgrade people from Windows XP, or convert Vista users to the new software. If Windows 7 can be ready before the holidays, it could very well position the company with big profitability for years to come.

While most of the tech sector is hurting from the economic recession, Microsoft just might be the only one to make a profit.

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