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1,000 Pot Plants Get Seized From Oakland Warehouse

04/26/2012 08:56 PM ET

A swat team in Oakland, California seized over 1,000 pot plants, which was actually around 2,500, and several pounds of already processed marijuana in a raid on an Oakland warehouse.

After the Wednesday night raid, the amount of plants and processed marijuana recovered had a street value of over $1 million according to the police report. They also arrested 6 individuals and found $40,000 in cash and several weapons and a load of ammunition on the property.

Police report that an investigation is still on going and that other individuals found to be connected with the large-scale pot growing operation may be sought out and arrested.

The warehouse was set up with several growing rooms along with drying rooms. As well the growers had special lighting, ventilation and other miscellaneous items set up for growing and processing the marijuana.

“I can’t emphasize to you, make it any more clear, the size and scope of this operation is unprecedented,” Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed said. “We have never seen anything like it in this county.”

Police had decided to finally make the raid after a long investigation of suspicious activity at the warehouse.

Those arrested at the time of the raid were booked on suspicion of possessing marijuana for sale and cultivation of marijuana, as well as possession of assault weapons and possession of assault weapons in connection with a felony.


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