​106 Year-Old Woman Loves Eating Pizza

Staff Reporter
Nov. 27, 2013

106 Woman Pizza - A Newfoundland, Canada, great-great-grandmother who just turned 106 said she has subsisted on pizza and “good times.”

Margaret Ellen Moores of Rushoon, who celebrated her birthday during the weekend, said God must want her to remain on Earth for a while longer, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Monday.

“He put me here, I suppose, and that was it. I had to stay till I went,” Moores, whose only daily medication is Tylenol, told revelers at her party.

Moores, who has 14 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren, said having lots of fun after her retirement has kept her going.

“Good times I guess, when I got old. I didn’t have them when I was young,” she said. “(I) got so fond of them, I couldn’t let them go.”

Mary Cheeseman, Moores’ daughter, said her mother refuses to stick to a healthy diet.

“She loves her sweets. She never drank water in her life,” Cheeseman said. “(She loves) her salt beef, the same old-time meals as ever she had … She loves her pizza and French fries now. So it’s not her diet is it?”

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