​25 Hospitals Turn Man Down By Doctors, Patient Dies​​

By: | 03/06/2021 07:52 PM ET

A total of 25 hospitals have turned down a man who was seeking medical attention. The unidentified 75-year-old Japanese man reportedly died because all clinics refused to admit him.

The man lived in a city north of Tokyo and made 36 attempts to enter an emergency room with the assistance of paramedics. However, most of the hospitals said they didn’t have enough beds or doctors available to take him in.

The site reports that the unidentified man contacted the ambulance when he was suffering from breathing problems at home on Jan. 6. Paramedics were told that 25 hospitals in the vicinity had already refused the man.

A city official said that some of the hospitals were contacted more than once, which amounted to the 36 emergency room refusals in a two-hour time span.

One of the paramedics told Jiji Press they’d never seen “a patient being rejected so many times.”

Paramedics did end up finding one hospital in the Ibaraki prefecture with a free bed, but it was 20 minutes from the man’s home in Kuku in the Saitama prefecture. 

However, he was pronounced dead upon arrival by the time the ambulance arrived at the hospital, as it apparently took three hours from the time of his phone call to when the paramedics arrived at the hospital. The man’s reason for death has still not been revealed.

The isn’t the first situation that a hospital was understaffed or at full capacity in Japan. An elderly Japanese man that had been hit by a motorcycle waited 90 minutes inside an ambulance when 14 area hospitals in Tokyo couldn’t admit him. 

According to Health Insurance Carrier, the hospitals said that they were lacking the equipment and staff needed to take the man in. He ultimately died from shock, caused by loss of blood when a hospital was finally found to treat him.