​3-Year-Old Found Frozen After Escaping From Crib

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Feb. 25, 2015

A 3-year-old was found frozen after wandering outside dressed only in a shirt and diaper. The Toronto 3-year-old was found dead just hours after he disappeared, according to the Inquisitr. Police said Elijah had disappeared from a north-end apartment of a family member overnight and was found frozen. He was found in the backyard of a nearby home.

“We regret to announce that three-year-old Elijah has died,” police said. “Our thoughts are with his family and all affected by this tragedy.”

Police reviewed security camera video that showed the frozen 3-year-old was found leaving the building at about 4 a.m. as temperatures had fallen to about -4 F. He was found about six hours later. Elijah’s grandmother sobbed and hugged friends as she left her apartment Thursday afternoon, en route to the hospital.

Her long-time friend and neighbour, Millie Dyer, said the family was distraught after police found the boy, according to the Examiner.

“He’s very energetic and runs around all over the place,” Dyer said moments before hearing of the boy’s death. “He’s a very smart little boy.”

Dyer said the boy, whom she called “sweet,” was over at his grandmother’s place all the time and has two aunts who also live in the same apartment complex.

“When his mom has to work, Elijah is here. And he goes to daycare just down the street,” Dyer said.

A search for the 3-year-old who was found frozen began immediately when family members noticed he disappeared the following morning. Police were notified that the family had put him to bed Wednesday night and woke up to find him gone and the front door open, Const. Victor Kwong said. Officers on horseback, foot and in a helicopter searched for him, and police asked neighbours to search their yards, hallways and stairwells for the missing youngster.

“Obviously the police response was aggressive and massive, police said.

Pratatban Thurairajah, from the city’s west end, was one of volunteers helping police search for the missing boy after hearing about the incident on the radio. He was hoping that he wasn’t found dead.

“I decided to come down to look for him, trying to find him,” Thurairajah said. “I wanted to find the boy - trying to do my part.”

Seemingly miraculous survival has occurred in such circumstances, notes CNN.

Just last week, another child was found outside in minus-7-degree weather was released from hospital after months of treatment.

When found unconscious, the child’s body temperature was just 12.7 degrees - normal is about 37 degrees - and his heart was beating less than twice a minute. He had apparently crossed a creek after sneaking out at night from his grandmother’s house in the village of Raclawice.

In February 1994, another 3-year-old was found frozen at the door to her home in Rouleau, Sask., with a body temperature of 14.2 degrees. Karlee Kosolofski had wandered outside and found herself locked out in -5 F weather. Although she ended up losing part of her leg, medical personnel were able to revive her without other ill effects.

Also, in February 2001, 13-month-old Erika Nordby of Edmonton survived with frostbite after wandering into the -1-degree night in the snow.

However, in December 2009, a seven-year-old Nova Scotia boy died in hospital after surviving two nights lost in the wilderness. James Delorey had apparently followed the family dog into the woods.

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