​50-Vehicle Accident In Ohio Closes Highway For Hours

Author: Kara GilmourBy:
Staff Reporter
Aug. 4, 2014

A 50-vehicle crashed on I-75 in Ohio was caused by bad weather, and even though the accident had no fatalities, there were several injuries reported.

“We’ve been stopped on I-75S since noon,” driver Keith Clasgens wrote on Facebook. “We are about 150 yards behind the accident. For those criticizing people driving in the snow, this was a freak situation. Conditions went from dry and light flurries, to blizzard-like conditions (very low visibility, slick, etc.) in seconds. I had seconds to adjust and slide. We missed the pile up by 10 seconds.”

The major accident occurred between Monroe and Middletown. Authorities say the pileup happened around noon and some who were at the scene say it all started when a few snow flurries turned into a sudden blizzard, with almost zero visibility.

The road was shut down while authorities cleared the wreckage.

In Utah, the weather was so bad that there were more than 60 crashes in Salt Lake County. However, some of the accidents were caused by drivers waiting in their vehicles on the side of highway for troopers to respond. UHP urged motorists that if they get involved in a minor crash to move off to the next exit before calling 911.

A snowstorm also hit the state of Iowa, causing a 25-vehicle pileup, during whiteout conditions that sent drivers sliding over slick roads.

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