6 Year-Old Salecia Johnson Handcuffed For School Tantrum

04/18/2012 08:42 AM ET

Salecia Johnson Tantrum -

After throwing a reported temper tantrum at her Milledgeville, Georgia elementary school earlier this week, 6-year-old kindergartner Salecia Johnson, was handcuffed by a police officer and taken down to the police station.

According to reports, Salecia was sent to the principal’s office after shoving two other students. While in the principal’s office, she let loose with a tantrum that led to the school calling the police. Apparently, Salencia was tearing things off the wall, trying to break things, throwing furniture and injured the principal when she knocked over a shelf.

Now Salecia’s parents are calling for a community protest against the officer’s actions of handcuffing her and placing her in a squad car and jail cell. They are also excusing their daughter’s actions by saying she just had a bad day like everyone else does sometimes.

“She has mood swings some days, which all of us had mood swings some days,” Johnson’s mother Constance Ruff told WMAZ. “I guess that was just one of her bad days.”

“A 6-year-old in kindergarten, they don’t have no business calling the police and handcuffing my child,” said Earnest Johnson, Salecia’s father.

The parents went on to say that their daughter was very shaken up after being put into a jail cell and complained that the cuffs where to tight and hurt her.

The cities’ police chief, Dray Swicord is defending the officer who handcuffed the girl and claims that she was never placed in a cell of any kind.

“Our policy states that any detainee transported to our station in a patrol vehicle is to be handcuffed in the back and there is no age discrimination on that rule,” Swicord said as he explained that she was handcuffed for her own safety as well as the safety of others.

“The student was never placed in a holding cell or jail cell, and the student’s safety was of the utmost importance,” Swicord added.

Salecia was charged with simple assault and damage to property, but will not face any prosecution due to her age. Meanwhile, her parents are trying to reach civil rights activist Al Sharpton to help them organize their protest.

“We would not like to see this happen to another child, because it’s horrifying. It’s devastating,” Ruff said.

Source: Salecia Johnson Tantrum


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