​9-Year-Old Girl Faces ‘Spit’ Felonies​​

August 27, 2021

9-Year-Old Girl Felonies Bus - A 9-year-old girl faces multiple felonies on the bus after she threw a chair and spit at staff members. The tantrum led to Lee County Sheriff’s deputies also experienced the tantrum as they tried to arrest the child.

A sheriff’s report says a deputy saw the girl toss large pieces of asphalt at the bus, hitting the windshield next to the driver. Authorities say the girl walked away when she saw the deputy.

She then picked up a metal chair in a nearby yard and threw it at the deputy. When he said she was under arrest, the 9-year-old resisted by kicking and attempting to push him.

Amber was taken into custody with no injuries to her or the deputy and booked for the felonies.

The felonies are, Battery on a Public School Employee, Throwing a deadly missile into an occupied vehicle (bus), Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer , and Resisting with violence.

Once the 9-year-old is processed in the juvenile court system there are many different pathways. Whereas some juveniles are released directly back into the community to undergo community-based rehabilitative programs, others who have multiple felonies, may pose a greater threat to society and to themselves and therefore are in need of a stay in a supervised juvenile detention center.

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