Adopted Son Starved; Door Had Alarm To Prevent Food

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
11/06/2021 03:09 PM ET

Mona and Russell Hauer of North Mankato, Minn. allegedly starved their adopted son. According to criminal charges the 8-year-old boy was only given liquid, and had an alarm on his door so that he could not sneak in food.

The young boy was so malnourished that he weighed half as much as he should for a child of his age. In addition to this child, the couple adopted two of his siblings and have a biological child.

Each of the Hauer’s have been charged with six felonies; they include neglect and malicious punishment of a child. According to authorities, not only did they starve the boy, they hit him with a broom handle, and made him sleep on a sled in the basement as punishment for wetting the bed.

The Stir reports Mona Hauer, who actually brought the boy to Mayo Clinic Health Systems-Mankato last month for vomiting blood, claims that the boy had “eating issues” and he would often regurgitate his food. But the child told police he would regurgitate only because his cravings for food were so bad that the wanted to taste something … and he didn’t know when he’d get to eat again.

When he was taken by ambulance to Rochester, he had a slow heartbeat, anemia, brain atrophy and delayed bone growth due to malnutrition, the complaint said.

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