​Amanda Knox, Ex Speak About Kiss Photo​​

Amanda Knox has spoken out against the famous photo of her kissing ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito in the days following the death of her housemate Mereditch Kercher.

The image was taken as police searched the flat that she had shared with the British university student, who was found with 47 wounds, including a fatal slash across her throat, at their Perugia home in November 2007.

Sollecito had been dating Knox in Italy for just one week when the couple came under investigation for her murder.

She went on to serve four years for her murder before being acquitted in an appeals court in 2011 due to insufficient evidence.

Then two months ago, Italy’s highest court overturned that decision and ordered a new trial to begin within the next year - raising the prospect that she could be jailed once more.

Rudy Guede, whose DNA and bloody footprints were found all over the crime scene, is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence for the murder.

Knox, 25, said told The Times that the infamous kiss - caught on camera by the press - created “bad vibes” for her.

“That video [outside the house] was cut and repeated so that all you see is a loop of me and Raffaele kissing over and over again,” she said.

The photograph was held up as proof of her alleged sinister sexual nature.

In fact, Knox has revealed that the kiss was an act of comfort in the face of fear and uncertainty.

“I just felt incredibly lost and I was sad and I was trying to understand, and Raffaele kissed me to console me because our language barrier prevented us from really being able to console each other with words,” she stated.

Knox’s behaviour during the police search, in which she didn’t cry and was said to hug and kiss her boyfriend, was pursued by the media as a reason to suspect the 20-year-old of murder.

Knox’s memoir, “Waiting to be Heard,” has reignited a media storm around the Kercher case.

Knox received a grilling from various U.S. media outlets following the release of the book on April 30.

Earlier this month she told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that despite her characterization in the Italian media as a sexual deviant, she has not experimented with any sort of sex games.

“I’ve never taken part in an orgy - ever,” she said.

Knox said she was shocked during the trial, when lawyers for the prosecution were calling her a “whore” and a “deviant” and said that Italian prosecutors made up allegations that she was a sex and drug-crazed party girl to bolster their case.