Anna Jorgenson Livid Over Principal Spanking Daughter

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
09/25/2012 09:36 PM ET

Anna Jorgenson alleges that a Texas school district is covering its tracks by considering a policy change. Jorgenson says the change is regarding corporal punishment after a male vice principal paddled her daughter so hard it left a nasty mark.

The district in Springtown, just outside of Fort Worth, allows corporal punishment, but only when doled out by a teacher or administrator of the same sex as the student. But when Taylor Santos, 15, allegedly let a classmate copy her homework, Vice Principal Kirt Shaw disciplined the girl with a large wooden paddle, which he swung with a violent, upward motion, according to the girl’s mother.

“She was telling me it was numb and that it burned,” Jorgenson said. “And it looked like a burn. She slept on her side that night. She was more humiliated and embarrassed than anything, but the more she and I thought about it, it wasn’t fair and I thought I needed to do something about it.”

But instead of reprimanding Shaw for the cross-gender blow, the district is considering doing away with the requirement of same-sex spanking. Springtown ISD Superintendent Mike Kelley told that the district’s seven-member board will consider revising the policy at a meeting Monday evening.

“We’ll give the board the option to discuss it,” said Kelley, who declined to provide specifics of the Sept. 19 incident at Springtown High School.

Anna Jorgenson told her daughter initially received two days of in-school suspension for allowing another student to copy her work. When she was offered the chance to take a paddling in lieu of the second day of suspension, she submitted.

Shaw first had the girl call her mother to approve the punishment, which is required. Jorgenson said she agreed, but had no idea the whack would come from a man — or be so severe.

Jorgenson said her daughter, a cross-country athlete who weighs just 95 pounds, was left with large, blistered wounds on her buttocks.


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