​Anonymous Announces Charlie Hebdo Revenge For Newspaper Attacks

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Jan, 11, 2015 | 2:01 PM

Anonymous seeks revenge for the Charlie Hebdo attacks by declaring war against the terrorists responsible for the deaths at the French satirical newspaper. A video message to the attackers was sent out by the hacker group’s Belgian channel, according to USA Today. Anonymous, speaking in French on the video, warned the terrorists of bad things to come.

“Anonymous from around the world have decided to declare war against you, terrorists … We will track all your online activity, we will close your accounts on every social network.”

Anonymous is sending out the Charlie Hebdo announcement as a call to action from a sole hacker, though it has received support from other related figures. The loose, decentralized hacker group does not have a traditional chain of command. Nothing may happen unless others aligned with the cause heed the call from other hackers associated with the group.

“We will fight always and everywhere the enemies of freedom of speech…Freedom of speech and opinion is a non-negotiable thing, to tackle it is to attack democracy. Expect a massive frontal reaction from us because the struggle for the defense of those freedoms is the foundation of our movement. We will find you until the very last one, destroy you. You killed innocents. You won’t bring Shariah to our democracies. We won’t let your stupidity destroy our freedom of press.”

While the Charlie Hebdo announcement, its members have declared a war against the ISIS last year, and reports indicated the group planned DDOS attacks on countries offering aid to the terrorist group, according to CNN Money. News of those attacks never came, though. However, there was speculation that they may be responsible for recently shutting down North Korea’s connect to the Internet.

Unfortunately, the Internet largely serves to amplify the message of fear touted by terrorists. 24-hour updates and gruesome images from the scene can make people worry they could become victims, even if the likelihood is infinitesimal. While cybervigilantism has its risks, Anonymous could gather Charlie Hebdo support by using the power of the Internet to create additional consequences for those seeking to suppress liberty through violence.

Anonymous then shared a list of Twitter accounts and websites that are linked to jihadists on sharing website Pastebin.

“It’s obvious that some people don’t want, in a free world, this sacrosanct right to express in any way one’s opinions,” an accompanying statement said, referring to the gunmen. Anonymous has always fought for the freedom of speech and will never let this right besmirched by obscurantism and mysticism. Expect a massive reaction from us because this freedom is what we’ve been always fighting for.”

Anonymous said the Charlie Hebdo revenge is being called a “massive reaction,” which will likely follow the typical Anonymous roadmap of reporting Twitter accounts with jihadist links to the social networks and temporarily taking down websites.

Judging by past missions, Anonymous might reveal the private information of those behind the accounts, overwhelm websites with traffic and hack websites with the group’s branding, notes Yahoo Finance.

Although the Anonymous seeks revenge for the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the warnings frequently led to government condemnation of illegal hackings, it seems unlikely that the latest warning will garner the same level of condemnation from governments prepared to ignore, if not embrace, the enemy of its enemy.

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