Anorexic Twins Dead In Living Room House Fire

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
09/02/2021 05:36 PM ET

Anorexic identical twins Clare and Rachel Wallmeyer have died from a house fire in Australia. The Herald Sun reported that the sisters were discovered by officials in the living room with one perishing from the blaze and another passing away from her injuries the following morning at a local hospital.

"The fire is being treated 'as non-suspicious,' but that the cause is still being investigated," stated acting inspector of Geelong police Gary Coombes to the Geelong Advertiser.

Since 2004, these twin sisters have been getting quite a bit of attention due to their extreme anorexia. It was then that they first appeared on Australian TV to talk about the eating disorder that they had been dealing since their early adolescence.

The viewers were shocked when the women admitted to taking a minimum of 20 laxatives per day to lose weight and consuming only coffee, a slice of watermelon, and a Diet Coke.

Reportedly, the Wallmeyer twins had previously attempted suicide and had prophesied that they would die together.

"If I died, Clare wouldn't live a minute past me and I'd do the same for her," Rachel once stated.

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