​Assault Rifles Selling Out Amid New Gun Control Panic

Author: Rob AdamsBy:
Staff Reporter
Aug, 8, 2014 | 1:22 PM

Assault rifles and the stores that sell them are selling out across America by panic that the Obama administration is about to propose new laws for gun control. In fact, sales on ammunition for weapons in general are soaring.

For example, Dennis Pratte, owner of My Gun Factory in Falls Church, Va., said the demand for semiautomatic rifles is outstripping supply.

“Our phones are ringing every 10 seconds and people are saying, ‘Do you have any assault rifles?'” said Dennis Pratte, owner of My Gun Factory in Falls Church, Va., a store that also sells products online. “They’ve sold out of just about every gun shop nationwide and just about every distributor is out of stock.”

The retailers that sell assault and modern sporting rifles online are also running out of stock. Magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds seem to be the specialty on what buyers are looking for. Semiautomatic rifles can fire one round every pull of the trigger compared to high-capacity magazines that are being sold out.

So why are these weapons selling out? Some states, such as California, are getting ready to ban assault rifles permanently, which means they can’t be purchased if the legislation passes. However, President Obama promised to crack down on assault weapons after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

“The retail market is completely sold out of anything with high-capacity magazines,” said Pratte. “We get people 20-deep waiting to buy.”

The one rifle that everyone wants to buy is the AR-15, which is the same weapon used in the Connecticut school shooting. Handguns are also hot commodities, especially from popular makers such as Smith and Wesson (SWHC).

“Ammunition is hard to come by, as well,” Pratte said, noting that ammunition for military-style semiautomatic rifles has tripled in price to about one dollar per bullet.

There are concerns from several gun control groups that the assault rifles being sold today could find their way into another school or massacre shooting.

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